Spot Cashout & Reinvest Opportunities

we prepared a list of price influencing & sentiment analysis graphs that need to be kept and eye on incase of cashout and reinvest.

Price & Sentiment Influencing Charts

Pi Cycle Rainbow Log Chart

This chart is mix of market cycle top & log chart for long term view.

Market Fear Sentiment

Analyse market sentiment, to see if the market is under FEAR or GREED.

Supply Shrinkage

Lower the liquid supply the crazy the price goes.

Are they moving funds from/to Stable Coins ?

See if the money is moving to stable coins.

Long Term Holder Selling ?

Verify if long term holders are thinking if the market is in a bubble.

Big Money Buys

See the sentiment, big money knows what they are doing.


See how many addresses are in profit or in loss

Miner Balances

see if the miner wallets are hodling or selling to cover expenses.

HODL Waves Chart

See how long term and short term hodlers are holding through out the price changes.